The future depends on the work we do now.

Together we can shape the future of work and improve the quality of people's lives.

Our Mission


To bring together thought leaders
from industry, academia, government,
non-profit and financial sectors
for dialogue and action.


To create opportunities that:
> Enable the sharing of information
> Inspire our collective imagination
> Catalyze meaningful action


To find, curate and promote the:
> Latest research and data
> Efforts by individuals/organizations
> Latest case studies and legislation

Our Strategic Focus

Knowledge & Workers

We believe in organizational structures that are agile, human-centered, creative, and efficient. Our workers deserve to live balanced personal and professional lives.

United States

Cities across North America, with an emphasis on middle and rural America that are at risk of falling behind during the digital age.

Economic Development

Emphasis on supporting small and medium-sized businesses – the primary employers and economic drivers in America.

Our Team

Duncan Robins

Founder, Chairman

Duncan Robins is the Chairman and a founder of Duncan and his wife moved to a rural community to raise their family. For over two decades, Duncan has flown over the digital divide weekly to work as a CEO for Private Equity-backed businesses in larger cities. Currently, he is the President, COO of FlexTal, a Michigan-based, organization of the future. Duncan has worked to reduce the educational divide with leadership positions in Higher Education and two career-oriented training companies. He has also worked for Bain, McKinsey and Morgan Stanley. Duncan earned an MBA from Stanford and graduated summa cum laude from Harvard.

Danny Beckett Jr.


Danny Beckett Jr. is a founder of Danny is also a serial entrepreneur committed to raising his family in middle America. For more than 15 years, Danny has battled with the digital divide. Twice he and his wife have had to move their family to California for the capital, technology, and networks he needed to build enduring companies. Currently, Danny is the Founder, CEO of FlexTal, a Michigan-based technology-enabled organization. Danny is also a former pro athlete, part of the core team of Startup America and Free Lunch Friday and the founder of four venture-backed companies.

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